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    I would like to acknowledge a few people dear to me.

My son, Lt. Col. Timothy Morrow, whose generous Mother's Day gift gave me my website,

     Lindsey McCune , whose skill as a web designer, and knowledge, expertise, and gentle patience guided, prodded, and corrected me through its creation. 

      Linda Bedinger, who also, with extreme patience, helped me on my way to becoming a Stampin' Up! Independent Demonstrator.

  I am very grateful to you!

  Thank you very much!


   With love, Mom and Sher 


                                                                  ABOUT ME


Creating is something I love to do, but it is also something I have to do.  I love playing in oil and alcohol paints, clay, and wool.  Sitting and looking at a blank white piece of card stock is satisfying in that it is a new opportunity to express myself.  It doesn't make me go blank, (well, maybe sometimes).  Let me help you find a way to express how you feel about friends and loved ones.  After all, everyone can use a paper hug!


Love, Sher

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