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I have been getting work for narration on the fiverr platform, which works as a clearing house for V/O and audiobook producers and authors. I have not been doing cards lately because of a fall, but will be getting back to that soon. See my fiverr gigs if you are looking for someone to narrate your book, or do voice over for your projects. Find me on the fiverr link above, or

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We pray for peace for the nation of Ukraine against its invaders. May the children not

suffer anymore from this horrific war. Our hearts stand with you.

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Born in 1925, Queen Elizabeth was 25 when she took the throne. She is the longest ruling monarch Britain had and ruled 70 years.

Queen Elizabeth II dead at 96 years of age.

We send our sincere condolences to the people of Britain and the UK, especially to our friends across the pond.

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