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2021 is gone, thank God! I am still recovering from an accident, but am coming along nicely. Yay 2022! I will be leaving Stampin' Up! at the end of January, not because I don't like them, but with the Covid-19 crisis, I have not been able to do much outside of home. I love their

products and will continue to use them, and will, I hope soon rejoin the family.

I am hoping to get back to designing cards and will refresh my store, which is needed badly. Please check in! I had to transfer my domain to Wix (again) I thought it was done, but obviously not. It is in the works now, and my email should be active in a week or so. For now, if you wish to contact me, please use

It is frigid in Michigan right now, as it is over most of the north of our country. My Beardie, Indi, isn't doing well right now. Please pray for her! She is 13 1/2.

Here she is a few years ago

I hope to have new cards up by next week, I am working on them now. I did a few fun cards for family, but forgot to film them....what a dummy!

Audiobooks should pick up soon again, and I will be starting card making tutorial videos, if I can figure out the logistics.

Wish me luck!

With much love,

Sher and Indi


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