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This is not card or Stampin' Up! related, it is a personal request.

The below post is from a friend of mine who had lost her beloved Bearded Collie, London. Well, I'll let her post explain.

I am getting a chip scanner for my own Beardie, so I can make sure it is working, and will be registering her, if it has not been done already.

Something to think about. Please read the post below. I have provided the link.

Thank you![0]=AZXV6rYVvGDCWJaPzHGYyr95CGFCcpTC6JMrcSBG_hgQghQ1mDbdR0hGPF4xqrZ4BFvVWiGuENnDnlwgee0nCdixlsQUYtcf-zoEqcbF7w9N0ot5AUzwrLoX7n2bmoztAezDHtT6WZS9BRCW95WFJMqOFL7S0GInAVBwXTv-AJvhKg&__tn__=*bH-y-R

Also, here is the link to the registry.[0]=AT2g9gW10nDQcfTzctudiugXeCO7djhavVRH-KCZQUi-LIRnZud-N6WtG_fMdwsg0uEwNm_KDm_KWtm-gdDV5wJ8SM-k0zp_NAt4AAFYQxV71f4bsuTmtW9wTSOstSszuKWA

Thanks, and have a good day. Big hugs, Sher and Indi

PS Thanks to Pam for the ears!

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