Happy 4th of July, America!

Updated: Jul 14, 2020

Today is July 4th, and the celebrating started yesterday with loud cracks and bangs. My poor little Bearded Collie, Indi, like many Beardies, is terrified and has been hiding out. I never liked the loud sounds of the 4th either, but family did so I sat, watched the fireworks, which are usually beautiful, with my ears blocked! I know, silly.

Yesterday, we said good-bye to my beloved Blackberry bunny, who was elderly. He is missed mightily. Trouble, the cat, stayed right by him yesterday, lying with him in his exercise area, or sitting on the windowsill just above him. I will miss him terribly. He has figured several times in one form or another on my cards. Recently, I did a card for a friend and put a bunny at the gate from the Rainbow Bridge.

So, with the virus out there, we are having a quiet 4th, no fireworks, and as Paper Thyme is located in north central Michigan, we should not have an over abundance of loud noise to bother Indi too much. For those who celebrate, I wish for you all a safe, fun, and cracking good time!! Eat a toasted marshmallow for me!!

Love to all,


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