Hello! Here I am, over here!!

Well, it has been a long winter, I am recovering from my accident, mending, and getting fat and sassy!

I have some changes to Paper Thyme. I am no longer with Stampin' Up!, not because I don't like the products, I love them and will continue to incorporate them into my cards, but I will be adding other elements from other companies as well.

I will also show some affiliate links for companies I really like and trust. Clicking on the links will not cost you any more money, but I will get a small commission to help me grow Paper Thyme.

I have several new cards coming next week, and hope to have my long-promised videos up on YouTube.

A new audiobook is in the works for YouTube on my Paper Thyme channel. I'll put an announcement here and on Morrow Narration when it is published. I hope you enjoy it, and please like and subscribe to help me out, if you would be so kind.

(PSST! It's Ghost Stories from England and Wales...)

My sweet Indi daWoo has been under the weather, but is bouncing back a little, and Trouble the cat is just her coooool, lazy self, lording it over the neighborhood, sitting in the window, threatening the Bald Eagles that nest not too far away.

It's been too cold to go out to play, or just sniff around, so Indi has been having some serious cabin fever....

I will have some new products completed for the store as well as new cards. I'll be working on the blog all weekend.

If you have any suggestions for cards, a particular theme, please let me know, here or on Facebook on my Paper Thyme page, or on YouTube. My email is .

Well, we have made it through another winter, Spring is just a few weeks away and I for one, am sick of cold temps. BRRRR!

Stay warm and healthy, my dear friends, and I'll do my best to catch up for you.

Big hugs from Indi, Trouble and me, Sher Morrow Paper Thyme

Spring is come, I promise!!

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