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Updated: Jun 16, 2021

Hi! It is June and here in North Central Michigan, it is HOT!

So, spend some time in the air conditioner and follow the Ingenuity Inkers

Blog Hop. This group of talented artists bring you some of the most delightful

and creative cards and cardmaking ideas and hints.

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Ingenuity Inkers links:

Noreen Brundgardt

Sherry Morrow

MJ Owens

Toni Deaton

Carolyn Lubitski

Linda Bedinger

Pam Cullen

Lucinda Veeck Gosden

This is the card I have done for the Blog Hop. Please excuse the subpar photography, I am working with one hand.


This card is made with the Hand-Penned Petals Bundle, and two small Dragonflies from the Dragonfly Garden Bundle. I will have all the supplies listed below with links to my store. The mailbox I drew from a die I have that is huge, and I put an image below that you can print out and resize as you like, The flower and leaf is from the Hand-Penned Petals Bundle. The small dragonfly on the frame is from holographic paper, and the one inside is punched from Vellum. Ribbon is the Scalloped Linen Ribbon, Purple Posy. I also cut a small blue flower from the paper for the mailbox flag, and made a small envelope from a piece of paper with the corners folded down like an envelope.

Inside of the card, showing the white piece of paper and small vellum Dragonfly. The sentiment is from the Dragonfly Garden stamp set, and I used a scalloped die with Shimmer paper and a strip of ribbon.

Here is an image of the supplies I used. The bow, made from the same ribbon, has a small gem, which is a green one from Genial Gems set.

The post of the mailbox is a piece of Just Jade with an irregular line down the front to indicate the corner of the post. I used the beautiful version of the Hand-Penned DSP with purple, yellow and a little blue. There is a version of the DSP for each color of the new Inline Colors.

Here is an image of my poor drawing to show the folds.

The mailbox is cut from Highland Heather, although, it looks darker. Once I folded it, I colored the inside of the mailbox that shows, with a Gorgeous Grape marker. The size is 2 1/8 inches high, and 2 1/8 inches wide with the door.

This can be copied for your own use.

You may have to fudge the folds to make them fit, but, with

care, it should work well. I suggest cutting one out of printer

paper first, so you can see if you need to adjust it with the folds.

The first fold goes over the FRONT of the mailbox.

Then continue and fold the last section across and behind the first section. Carefully, you can fold the door up, if you want. Here is where I colored the inside of the mailbox with a Gorgeous Grape marker to indicate shadow. Then attach to card and add the post.

(I had to remake this mailbox, here's a tip, score the folds once you know where they will be. Your folds will be MUCH neater)!

Base of the card, Blushing Bride Cardstock 8 1/2 X 5 1/2, folded at 4 1/4 and panel of Hand-Penned Petals DSP 3 1/2 x 4 inches

Here is how I did the frame. You don't need to cut the angles, if you don't want to. (I did refit the corners a little better, lol). The Scalloped Linen Ribbon is Purple Posey. I originally left

wider margin on the left side for gems, but changed my mind.

Dragonfly Punch from the Dragonfly Gardens Bundle. To get the small one only, flip it upside down so you can see your paper placement. As you can see below, slip the paper just under the small Dragonfly.

On the finished card, I put the bow on one corner, the holographic Dragonfly on the other, I put the flower and leave by the post, and just outside the frame a little, cut the little blue flower out and attached it to the mailbox as a flag with a mini glue dot, (which come with Paper Pumpkin Kits). I added my little envelope. and a gem, also a Genial Gems on the outside corner of the envelope and one on the mailbox. The flower was from the Hand-Penned Petals Suite, I used a Highland Heather ink pad and colored the highlights with a Daffodil Delight Stampin' Write marker. The leaf is likewise from the Hand-Penned Petals stamp set die cut from Just Jade cardstock.

Inside, I also added a Genial Gem on the sentiment, which is from Dragonfly Gardens Bundle on Champaign Glimmer Paper and added the little vellum Dragonfly and a strip of ribbon.

I hope you try this card and like it. I know it is super fiddley, but, after all, we are CARDMAKERS!

Please continue on the Blog Hop for more great ideas and beautiful cards by talented card makers.

Ingenuity Inkers links:

Noreen Brundgardt

Sherry Morrow

MJ Owens

Toni Deaton

Carolyn Lubitski

Linda Bedinger

Pam Cullen

Lucinda Veeck Gosden

Stampin' Up! Store list:

Here is the list of supplies and cardstock I used. (One note, the Glimmer Paper might be retired). Stampin' Up!

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