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Just a little request

A few years ago, a friend of mine who lived far from me, died unexpectedly. She had two beloved dogs, one was taken by a friend, and Grover, our sweet Bearded Collie needed a home.

Pet Cottage, a wonderful place, took Grover, affectionately called Gwobie by his friends and human mom, Lisa, and gave him a loving home with a few other adoptees. He is loved, cared for, fed, warm, did I say loved? They even purchased a bigger home so their little furbabies could run and play.

These people have my undying affection and love.

Please, vote for them, it doesn't cost anything, and you will be helping Gwobie and all his friends. It will do your heart good!

Love, Sher at Paper Thyme.,of%20your%20charities.

Grover, affectionately called Gwobie

Lisa, we still watch out for your boys.

I painted a picture of this shot shortly before she died. I wish I knew where it was.

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