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PoPPin' In With Some Great News!

Hi Crafters! Something new for May, if you are thinking about joining Stampin' Up!, now is the time to take the plunge! For May, Stampin' Up! has a special going. If you sign up in May, you will pay the $99.00 dollar fee, and receive $155.00 worth of FREE products of your choice! Now, is that a deal or what??

Next month's Paper Pumpkin kit is dedicated to the great sport of BASEBALL!

Subscribe now for the next kit, you can cancel any kit, or cancel altogether if you need to.


So, batter up! I'll be giving away a free Batter's Up Kit to the first person to place an order of any size with my Stampin' Up! store! And, if you join Stampin' Up!, besides the $155 dollars of products, I'll add in a nice gift as well. So that will total approximately, $175 dollars worth of products, for $99!

I will be sending out catalogs to my customers next week. The new annual catalog, and the Semi annual catalog, that usually runs from Jan -June, but this year will be good until July.

Believe me, my copy is practically falling apart from me drooling on the pages from seeing some of the lusciously gorgeous things in there!

If you would like a catalog, let me know. I have a few left until my next shipment comes.

Email me at or (probably best).

Don't forget to subscribe to Paper Thyme here so you don't miss any special goings on!

Have a beautiful weekend, the snow has been gone for 3 days, the sun is out, the sky is blue and it is colder than a Penguin's beak!

As usual, hugs from Paper Thyme and Indi!

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