September is the time that Nature puts on her best fall fashions and celebrates the end of the old year. When I was growing up, the scents and sounds of "Lightning Bugs", September fairs, homecomings and celebrations filled the air. The Alfarata Homecoming was the one time when we kids could go and eat chicken corn soup, play a few of the fair games, and buy cheap jewelry, and my favorite, little ceramic mother and puppy charms complete with a gold chain leash from Mom and puppies, all with 50 cents. I think I bought a set every year until I was "too old" to go to that silly fair. I would give an eye to be able to go back to it again...

I have created 3 sets of 3 cards celebrating this time of year, 1 set / $17.00 USD.

I hope they inspire that same child-like wonder they did for me when I was creating them.

This set is blank inside, so they can be used for many sentiments. I wish the camera could have caught the sparkle. They come with envelopes. See the store for particulars.

Any questions? Be free to ask: email or

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